Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiation for law enforcement officers is an important part of what we do at The Cushane Law Firm.  But what is just as important as a good contract is a robust enforcement mechanism of that contract. You can have the greatest police contract in the world, one that provides for outstanding benefits and superior pay, but if you don’t have a robust mechanism to enforce those terms that you just spent a considerable amount of time negotiating at the bargaining table, the contract is useless.

Our firm has signed up over 1,500 police officers throughout New Jersey on our Law Enforcement Legal Services Plan.  It’s a great plan.  It gives you access to unlimited legal services at a cost of only $32 per month per union member.  It allows you to go to the bargaining table without having to worry  about paying for top notch legal advice.  No longer will you have to hold police union fundraisers just to pay your legal costs.  Importantly, addressing and settling contract grievances with the help of an experienced attorney are no longer out of your reach.  No one else is offering anything like our plan in New Jersey.  Have us out to your next union meeting, and we’ll explain how it can make a difference for you.